The goal of the Cybersecurity Center for Secure Evolvable Energy Delivery Systems (SEEDS) is to conduct research and develop innovative cybersecurity technologies, tools, and methodologies that advance the energy sector’s ability to survive cyber incidents while sustaining critical functions.

We use industry input and research validation to verify the efficacy of our developed solutions and methodologies, so that they can be transitioned to practical applications and commercialization in the energy sector.

We develop solutions for vulnerabilities across the United States’ energy delivery systems. This protects hardware assets, makes systems less susceptible to cyber threats, and provides reliable delivery of electricity, oil, natural gas, and other resources if a cyber incident occurs.

Marija Ilic receives 2020 IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award

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Latest News

SEEDS Industry Involvement Meeting-October 15-16, 2018

Our SEEDS Industry Involvement Meeting will be held on October 15-16, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. All SEEDS IAB members, faculty, students and guests are invited to attend. Guests will be required to sign a...

IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop

IEEE/NIST Timing Challenges in the Smart Grid Workshop

Dr. Rick Blum recently spoke at the IEEE-SA/NIST Timing Challenges in Smart Grid Workshop. Background – Dynamic distributed measurement and control systems are time sensitive. In distributed control where scheduling of resources, seamlessly orchestrated coordination,...

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