Within the framework of the technical objectives and 3-phase roadmap below, the SEEDS research teams are constantly developing projects and adapting to the current cybersecurity environment.

Secure Evolvable Energy Delivery Systems (SEEDS) Technical Objectives

  1. Secure grid control and operations
  2. Secure emerging power grid components and services
  3. Secure energy delivery system operation technology infrastructure
  4. Cybersecurity management and visualization
  5. Cybersecurity testing and validation

Phase 1: Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation

  • Analysis, modeling, and detection of data- and topology-manipulation attacks
  • Real-time sensing, monitoring, and visualization for situation awareness
  • Enhancing resilience through moving-target defense
  • Impact assessment of cyber attacks against time-critical communications and demand-side management

Phase 2: Advanced Protective Measure Development

  • Defense-in-depth against data and topology manipulation attacks
  • Detection of counterfeit devices and Botnet
  • Integrated design of security-aware microgrid
  • Security recovery in post-disaster power grid
  • Visualization of network and control systems security

Phase 3: Intelligent and Automated Response

  • Automated response to data-manipulation attacks
  • Optimization of security resource allocation
  • Automated fusing of intrusion information for situation awareness
  • Visualization for decision support
  • Automated security management to mitigate cyber incidents

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