Since its inception in 2005, the Cybersecurity Center for Secure Evolvable Energy Delivery Systems (SEEDS) has consistently delivered high-quality research and actionable solutions for the nation’s cybersecurity needs.

Our most recent accomplishments (during the 2nd quarter of 2018) include the following:


  • Membership dues from fully committed partners are helping SEEDS implement sustainability plans.
  • The Industry Needs Document was revised and distributed as a result of the Industry Engagement Meeting.
  • SEEDS issued a call for new project proposals to respond to the needs specified in the new Industry Needs Document.
  • IEEE PELS is collaborating with SEEDS and ORNL to have a cybersecurity workshop in Knoxville.
  • Five projects have been beta tested in an industry environment.
  • Lehigh University traveled to the University of Arkansas for Alpha testing activities at NCREPT.
  • The center continues to expand the number of industries that are willing to go beyond supporting the center into participating in project activities.

Faculty & Leadership

  • Carolina Cruz-Neira was recently selected to the National Academy of Engineering.
  • Rick Blum is an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer from Lehigh University and has been asked to speak at numerous events regarding Optimum Functional Forms of Spoofing Attacks and Optimum Processing for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.
  • Alan Mantooth, President of PELS, is organizing a special journal issue.
  • Faculty published fourteen additional papers and publications during this reporting quarter alone.

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