Research Projects

Live Incident Response for Energy Delivery Systems
Tri-Modular Human-on-the-Loop Framework for Intelligent Visualization of Smart Grid Cyber-Events
Lightweight Key Management for Low-Bandwidth Legacy Environments in Smart Grid
Extended Cybersecurity Threat Information Sharing
Early Insider Threat Detection
Implications of Gas/Electric Network Interactions and Time Synchronization Attacks
Sequence hopping Algorithm for Securing IEC 61850 Layer 2
Countering Data Integrity Attacks
Topology Attack: Optimal Sensor Placement and Fast Topology Attack Detection in Power Distribution Systems
Cyber-Physical Methods for Detecting and Localizing Data Falsification Attacks in Automatic Generation Control
Detecting Compromised Devices
Enhancing the Resilience of Field Devices under Payload Attacks
Quickest Intrusion Detection with Transient Analysis of Dynamic Phasors
Co-design of Security-Aware Microgrid
Misuse of Demand Side Management
Protecting Power System Operation against Cyber Attacks in the Presence of Renewables
Botnet and Intrusion Detection in SCADA Networks
Secure Smart Metering Communications
Cyber-Secure Power Router
Security Patch Automated Remediation Tool Analyzing the NVD (SPARTAN)
Large-Scale Control Security Testing based on an Extended Testbed
Identifying Compromised Smart Grid Components
Pricing Attacks
Secure Time-Critical Communications
Cybersecurity Configuration Management
Cross-Layer and Cyber Physical Moving Target Defense
Optimization Tool for Allocating Security Resources
Large-Scale Network Cybersecurity Testing Based on Advanced Multi-Agent System
Visualization for Situation Awareness
Control and Network Cybersecurity Testing Based on a 2 MW Power System Testbed

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