SEEDS is a Multi Industry and University Partnership

Our industry members provide feedback on our research and receive priority access to our facilities and publications.

Our academic members participate in the highest-quality cybersecurity research and development.



Recommend projects, receive in-kind contributions, get priority access to cutting-edge research publications and facilities, and all other membership benefits.



Receive priority access to SEEDS publications and licensing options, get priority hiring of students, provide input on SEEDS projects as a member of the Industry Advisory Board, and more.

Member Rights & Benefits

  • Serve on SEEDS DOE Project Recommendation Committee*
  • In-Kind contributions of up to 50% for Membership Fees*
  • Priority access to NCREPT facilities and instrumentation*
  • Priority review of center publications
  • Serve on Industry Advisory Board (input on industry sponsored projects)
  • One vote/$1,000 of membership dues for industry funded projects
  • Student internship program
  • Priority hiring of students
  • Distributed newsletters, technical review, annual reports and reprints of center-authored research
  • Access to Center non-enabling invention disclosures with full disclosures available on request
  • Non-patented inventions - Non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use
  • Non-patented inventions - Non-exclusive, royalty-free license for in-house use, subject to exclusive licensing options
  • Patentable inventions - option for commercial license
  • Copyrightable works - option for commercial license
  • University and industry visiting scientist exchange program

*Not available for Associate or Small Business memberships

Member Obligations

  • Provide feedback on proposed projects
  • Provide input on SEEDS roadmaps and strategic plans
  • Provide feedback on proposed industry fund projects
  • Review progress of SEEDS projects

Additional Benefits

All of our research receives industry feedback from the energy sector. This gives our members direct input into the directions our cybersecurity research takes.

Prior to deployment to our partners in the energy industry, our cybersecurity tools are rigorously evaluated at the testing facilities of one of the SEEDS research university partners.

All research solutions are developed and validated for efficacy, in order to make a smooth transition to practical applications and commercialization in the energy sector.

All research is beta tested with an energy industry partner, giving that partner the opportunity to be an early adopter of those cybersecurity tools, as well as allowing other industry partners to evaluate the results before deploying to their own markets.

Our intense focus on research and development gives students from all our partner institutions a strong foundation of skills and expertise, which helps provide a robust cybersecurity workforce.

The ongoing relationship of our members to our research teams provides excellent recruiting opportunities.