Cyber-Physical Methods for Detecting and Localizing Data Falsification Attacks in Automatic Generation Control

PI: Qinghua Li, University of Arkansas
Co-PI: Marija Ilic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Data falsification attacks in Automatic Generation Control (AGC) can cause miscalculation of Area Control Error (ACE) and hence wrong adjustment of power generation, leading to instability of the power grid and even disruption of service. This proposal aims to address such attacks. In particular, two research tasks are proposed. In the first task, we will develop cyber-physical algorithms to detect data falsification considering multiple control areas.

In the second task, we will develop cyber-physical methods to localize falsified data. The proposed technology can be integrated in the existing power grid very easily. The only data it needs is the ACE, power measurements and system configuration, which is already available in existing power systems. It does not make direct changes to the existing power grid.


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August 6, 2018

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