Implications of Gas/Electric Network Interactions and Time Synchronization Attacks

PI: Rick Blum, Lehigh University

Part of the project is focused on studying gas/electric network interactions and their cyber security implications. The goal of this part is to develop tools for system operators that will help guide system operation. The other part of the project focuses on time synchronization. Time synchronization is important for power grid devices, especially Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), typically employing GPS and/or the PTP protocol. However, attackers might manipulate GPS signals or interfere with the time synchronization protocols to generate wrong time stamps or clocks for devices, disrupting the power grid operations.

To address this security problem, this project develops a set of algorithms to detect such attacks, some based on looking into the impact of false time stamps on the power system and individual devices, GPS signal characteristics, and so on, and formulating mathematical models for detection. The proposed technologies can be deployed without changing the existing system, only needing power system measurements. Some technologies might need firmware update of PMUs, which is feasible.


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February 28, 2019

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